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During the implementation of the project for Belene NPP construction between 2002 - 2012 all necessary activities for obtaining permits in accordance with the national legislation in force in this period have been performed.

The review of the validity of the issued decisions and permits related to the project, presented in the Report of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences from 2018, confirms that for the Belene NPP there are valid and effective decisions and permits for all implemented activities required by:

The licensing process of the Belene NPP project was suspended in 2012 as the next stage of the licensing procedure under the ASUNE - issuance of an order for approval of the technical design (TD) by the Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency has not been formally completed.

In the event of a practical renewal of the project implementation activities, the licensing process should continue from the TD approval phase for the facility, taking into account the activities carried out so far. 

Subsequent licensing acts may be issued to the current holder of administrative acts issued under the ASUNE, or to his successor.

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