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Reliable production of basic electricity for at least 60 years.


The largest site for the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Europe, currently licensed for two 1000 MW nuclear units.


A project allowing full and timely implementation of the strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria to achieve the goals of the European Union for decarbonization of the economy.


The latest generation of the most common nuclear reactors in the world - pressurized water reactors, characterized by high reliability and efficiency.


High degree of readiness for implementation with minimal risks from a licensing and financial point of view and respectively from the point of view of the terms for commissioning.


A project that meets all modern requirements, combining active and passive safety systems, severe accident management and successfully passed stress tests after the events at Fukushima NPP.

Why Nuclear



  • According to the energy development strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria by 2040 the share of nuclear energy in electricity production (currently 34%) should reach 60%. 

  • This will allow the implementation of the accepted objectives of the European Union to ensure security of electricity supply while limiting climate change and decarbonizing the economy.

  • More than half (58%) of the Bulgarians support the development of nuclear energy in Europe and in the country. 43% of these 58% state that in the country this should be done through the construction of Belene NPP and through new units at Kozloduy NPP.

Why Belene NPP


  • The Belene NPP project is a third generation of the most used nuclear reactors in the world - pressurized water reactors with a developed concept of passive and active safety and proven reliability in extreme combinations of external hazards.

  • The project is largely ready for implementation, including completed site preparation and availability of basic equipment for the reactor installation of the planned two units. 

  • The construction of Belene NPP according to the approved EIA and the developed technical project, with a total capacity of 2000 MW and 60 years of operation, will save humanity the following:

    • 1 billion and 52 million tons of carbon dioxide;

    • 7 million tons of sulfur oxides and almost 2 million tons of nitrogen oxides;

    • 762 thousand tons of dust.

  • 51% of all Bulgarians support the construction of the Belene NPP.



  • There is currently an intense debate in society about the future of nuclear energy, including the two promising projects that are in the process of structuring and selecting options for implementation:

    • The project for construction of new nuclear capacity on the approved new site near Kozloduy.

    • The project for construction of nuclear capacity at the Belene site.

  • As a major non-governmental organization, representing the position and interests of the companies from the nuclear sector in Bulgaria, BULATOM supports all efforts aimed at finding a working formula for the implementation of each of these projects in the shortest possible time.

  • Full and detailed information about the project for construction of nuclear capacity at the approved new site near Kozloduy can be found at the following link.   

  • At the same time, currently, due to the lack of an active project organization for the Belene NPP, the society is deprived of a source of publicly available information about the history, characteristics, and prospects of this project.

  • With the development of this website, BULATOM aims to provide the public with synthesized up-to-date information in the form of an interactive publicly accessible internet-based platform dedicated to the Belene NPP project.

  • The development of the site is based entirely on public information from various sources, including the archives of BULATOM.

  • Providing the above information in a synthesized and structured form, BULATOM accepts that this information sufficiently reflects the main features of the project that have become publicly available over the years, without being responsible for the grounds and reliability of the analyzes used as a basis for publishing of the used public sources.   

  • Accordingly, the use of the information published in this platform for purposes other than general familiarization with the scope of information on the Belene NPP project, which has become available over the years, is entirely beyond the responsibility of the Bulgarian Atomic Forum.

  • Upon request of BULATOM collection of the public information, its processing and organization, as well as the presentation in this platform was performed by the consultancy company SELMEDA Ltd.

Modern Office



Address:  10 Vihren Str.

                 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone:     +359 88 8917401

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