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As a result of extensive studies of the country’s capabilities and trends in the development of energy technologies in the world, Bulgaria decided to embark on the path of nuclear energy development in the mid 1960s. 

For this purpose, technology, engineering and industrial capacity was gradually built in the country to guarantee the successful completion of the construction of 6 power units at Kozloduy NPP, and later, their safe operation, as well as the safe decommissioning of the first four units.

At the same time, the country takes on the preparation for the construction and the initial stages of construction of the second nuclear power plant – Belene NPP, as well as on licensing of a site for new nuclear power capacities in Kozloduy NPP – again relying on key contributions by the national engineering and technology experts. 

The participation of Bulgarian engineering, design, construction, and technology companies is a determining factor for the sustainable development of nuclear energy in the country and the fruition of its ambitious nuclear programme, which encompasses all stages of the life cycle of a nuclear power facility.

Detailed information about the capabilities and experience of the Bulgarian nuclear industry is presented in the Bulgarian Nuclear Industry Almanac, a BULATOM publication issued in June 2020.

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