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Power Grid Development


In case of a positive decision for the construction of Belene NPP, ESO EAD has determined the necessary development of the electricity transmission network, as the connection of the units will be performed on two voltage levels – 400 kV and 110 kV. The main connection of the units is to the 400 kV network, and the backup power supply for own needs is from the 110 kV network.

The approved Plan for Development of the Transmission Electric Network of Bulgaria for the Period 2020-2029 specifies that the connection of Belene NPP will include:

  • doubling of the 400 kV ring in the northern part of the country, in the direction of Mizia substation - Belene NPP - Tsarevets substation - Varna substation and construction of a double cross connection in the direction of Belene NPP - Tsarevets substation – Plovdiv substation.

  • development of 110 kV network in the directions of Belene NPP - Pleven 2 substation, Belene NPP - Levski substation - Tsarevets substation.

According to the plan, the development of the country's electricity transmission network due to the connection of Belene NPP will have a positive effect on increasing the reliability of the entire electricity transmission system of Bulgaria.

The planned development of a 400 kV network will practically double the 400 kV ring between the northwestern and northeastern parts of the country. A double cross-link will be realized in the central part of the country, thanks to which the possibility for cross-border exchange of electricity in the north-south direction will increase.

This cross-link will be useful even in case of a positive decision for the construction of Unit 7 of Kozloduy NPP.

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