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European policies



These policies are also reflected in the Integrated Plan in the field of energy and climate of the Republic of Bulgaria 2021 - 2030, with a horizon until 2050, which was prepared in implementation of Regulation (EU) 2018/1999 on the governance of the Energy Union and the climate action.

According to the plan, the construction of 2,000 MW of new nuclear power is envisaged, which will contribute to the energy security of the country and the region.

In the period 2030-2040, the share of nuclear energy is expected to reach 45% and 60% (respectively in 2035 and 2040) of the total net electricity production, which determines the key importance of the implementation of such an investment project to the energy security of the country.

The plan also envisages, in case of a positive decision for the construction of a new nuclear power plant, further development of the electricity transmission network in the north-south direction and reinforcement of the northern part of the 400 kV ring.

In addition, the European green deal also does not preclude the development of nuclear energy. Proof of this are the two strategies of the European Commission for integration of the energy sector and development of hydrogen, launched on July 8, 2020 under the European Green Deal.

In them, all analyses, and proposals are based on data from the Commission's Clean Planet for All Europeans document and provide an opportunity to use nuclear technologies for the production of decarbonized gases, incl. hydrogen.

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