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Vienna International Nuclear Competence Center (VINCC) report

The report analyzes the results of the various assessments made so far, the audit reports of the Bulgarian Energy Holding (2016 and 2017), the National Electric Company (2016) and the ten-year strategic plan of the Energy System Operator, as well as the changed circumstances - the availability of the main part of the reactor installation equipment.

The report is based on an in-depth review of all available sources of information for assessing the socio-political and economic risks of nuclear projects and follows the IAEA recommendations and the US Department of Energy's methodology for assessing the risk of energy projects. The recommendations of the European Commission and the working documents for nuclear energy from May 2017 are also taken into consideration.

The report provides an expert assessment of the risks to the project and their significance and manageability. It is stated that unlike several other NPP construction projects, the Belene project practically lacks the regulatory risk, the risk of additional design and licensing of the project, the risk of lack of a reference block, as well as risks related to public and regional acceptability.

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