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Bulgarian Nuclear Industry Almanac


The Bulgarian Nuclear Industry Almanac has been structured as a directory of the companies and organizations, members of BULATOM, which are currently involved in activities related to implementing all elements of the unique nuclear programme in Bulgaria.

To this end, the information in the Almanac has been structured as follows:


  • Introduction, which showcases the key entities and projects that implement this nuclear programme. This section includes short presentations of the nuclear sector regulation, Kozloduy NPP, Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Build, SERAW, and the Belene NPP project.

  • Main body, which presents in a structured manner, the profiles of all members of BULATOM, that have supported the Forum’s initiative for publishing the Almanac. The profiles have been divided into groups in accordance with the nature of the organizations’ activities, namely:

    • Companies

    • Associations and Foundations

    • Institutes and Universities

  • Reference part, which allows for a quick navigation in the profiles of companies represented in the Almanac:

    • in respect to their services profile and

    • according to their experience in nuclear projects in Bulgaria and abroad

The Bulgarian Nuclear Industry Almanac can be freely accessed on this link.

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