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Site development


Alluvial works have been carried out with ballast from the Danube River to raise the site with a total volume of 7’000’000m3. Almost 3km of anti-filtration slotted walls have been built around the main buildings and the cooling water system structures.

To improve the ground base under the main buildings, the weak soils were seized and ballast cushions with a total volume of 500’000m3 were built for the two power units (250’000m3 for each). For the same purpose, about 4,000 reinforced concrete piles were driven into the ground under the auxiliary facilities.

The following facilities are built:

  • special port-estuary with a length of 105m and a width of 18m for unloading heavy and oversized equipment with a corresponding heavy lifting facility with a capacity of up to 500t, (two cranes of 250t each) and a port for aggregates with a length of 180m;

  • washing and sorting installation for ballast and sand with a capacity of 250’000m3 / day and concrete centers for production of ordinary and special concrete with a capacity of up to 2’400m3 / day;

  • special buildings for pre-assembly activities and open runways for installation activities, equipped with cranes up to 50t load capacity;

  • transport, communication and service supply lines for the site (road and railway, telephone lines, electricity, water supply) including railway NPP station and the respective domestic railways lines;

  • investment management base with the respective open and closed warehouses for equipment with crane capacity up to 32t, as well as a complex of buildings for construction management.

The river channel was dredged to improve the conditions for navigation and to provide the necessary water quantities for water supply of the future NPP.

Irrigation and drainage systems in the Svishtov-Belene lowland have been modernized and reconstructed.

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