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Site licensing


The application of the National Electric Company (NEK) for issuance of a site selection permit was submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) in June 2004, and the permit itself was issued in December 2004.

The performed analyses confirmed the compliance of the characteristics of the Belene site with the regulatory requirements. No exclusionary factors hindering the implementation of the project have been identified.

The application of NEK for approval of the selected site together with the reports for the performed analyzes, including a preliminary safety analysis report was submitted to the NRA in August 2005.

The submitted documentation was subject to review by the NRA to assess the compliance of the declared data and circumstances with the requirements and safety criteria. Two external expert assessments of the preliminary safety analysis report were also performed.

At the end of 2006, the selected Belene site was approved by the NRA and the obligations of the applicant for implementation of the future site monitoring activities were recommended.

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