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Primary circuit


The main technological equipment of the primary circuit includes a reactor, main circulation pumps, main circulation pipelines, steam generators and a primary circuit pressure control system.

Through the primary circuit, the heat energy generated by the fission of the nuclear fuel in the reactor core is transferred to the steam generators, which connect the primary circuit to the secondary circuit of the plant.

Steam generators are tube heat exchangers through which the heat energy dissipated from the primary circuit is transferred to the secondary circuit without direct contact between these two circuits.

As a result, the water from the primary circuit is cooled and fed back into the reactor, and the water from the secondary circuit, designed as a non-radioactive one, is heated and evaporated.
In order to provide the necessary protection in operational and emergency modes, the primary circuit equipment is located in the hermetic protective structure (containment).

The technological process of the primary circuit is presented in more detail in the video below.

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