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Pursuant to Article 105 of the Euratom Treaty, the agreement on the construction of the Belene NPP between the National Electric Company and Atomstroyexport, signed in November 2006, is subject to notification.

In accordance with this article, the agreement was submitted to the European Commission (EC) in January 2007 and a positive opinion of the commission was received in October 2007.

Pursuant to Article 41 of the Euratom Treaty, the investment project for the construction of an NPP is subject to notification.

The notification of the EC for the investment project for construction of a new nuclear power plant "Belene" pursuant to this article was made in February 2007. In July 2007, the project was presented to the EC and in December 2007 it received a positive opinion of the EC.

In its opinion, the EC noted that the project is new but is based on proven WWER technology and subsequent developments, whose upgraded versions have been successfully installed in several WWER reactors to reach to this project, considered as the best in terms of safety. In addition, the Commission noted that the selected WWER AES-92 design was certified in April 2007 as meeting the European energy requirements for light water reactors in the EU.

The Commission's view is that all aspects of the investment in question are in line with the objectives of the Euratom Treaty. The Commission recognizes the initiative as a contribution to the long-term security of supply of low greenhouse gas electricity to the European Union.

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