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Main construction



Main construction activities began in 1987 based on the developed technical design and parallel preparation of detail designs for the forthcoming activities. Extensive construction of the plant has been carried out since the end of 1987, until the middle of 1991.


The main activities, performed for the first unit, included:


  • Construction of a main reactor building up to elevation 13.20m and preparation of the reinforcements construction of the 12 segments of the hermetic protective structure.

  • Construction of the metal supporting structure of turbine hall up to elevation 42.00 and the steel reinforcement construction for the turbine foundation.

  • Construction of the buildings for the diesel-generator stations cells 1 and 3, all building for the auxiliary systems, technological communications, and sewage water system, as per the master plan.

  • Construction of elements of the cooling water system such as pressure steel pipelines, low pressure closed channels, as well as the foundations of the open outlet channel for cooling water.

The activities for the preparation of the construction of the second unit included the execution of the ballast cushion, pouring of the underlying concrete and waterproofing of reactor building and turbine hall foundation, laying of protective concrete on hydro-isolation of reactor building.


By Decision № 106 of May 1990 of the Bureau of the Council of Ministers, due to financial problems, the construction of the plant was limited, and from the middle of 1991 - practically stopped. The total volume of construction works performed in this period amounts to $ 200 million.

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