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Initial design


The technical design for Belene NPP, stage I, with a capacity of 2000MW (2 units of 1000MW each) was developed by AEP - Kiev and Energoproekt - Sofia in 1987. The project was adopted and approved by the Ministry of Energy with Protocol № 82 of October 1988.

The project is based on the unified reactor unit of the second-generation V-320, developed by AEP - Moscow in the early 80's. The project includes active (3x100%) and passive safety systems, incl. single protective hermetic construction - containment. The design life of the power units is 30 years.

By Order № 5 of April 1988, the Council of Ministers included the Belene NPP in the list of the main energy projects, with a commissioning period for Unit I - 1992 and for Unit II - 1994.

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