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Equipment delivery



The main suppliers of specialized equipment were: Skodaexport - Prague, Atomenergoexport - Moscow, Technocommerce - Berlin, Transelectro - Budapest, Electrim - Warsaw, while Techno-import-export, Sofia was the main supplier from the Bulgarian side.

The deliveries included technological equipment, pipelines, metal structures, electrical equipment, equipment for auxiliary systems and for biological protection for all main and auxiliary building of the plant. The reactor vessel for Unit 1, manufactured by the Czech company Skoda in 1984, was also delivered.

In total, more than 47,000 tons of equipment was delivered, and its value is estimated at $ 505 million. In particular, the total amount of main equipment delivered to the reactor building was 11 624t, including over 80% of the equipment required for Unit 1. For the turbine hall, 14 756t of main equipment was delivered, including approximately 80% of the equipment required for Unit 1.

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