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Delivered equipment


The arbitration award on ICC Case 18086 / GZ / MHM defines the obligation and financial conditions for NEK to acquire ownership of the equipment produced under the Belene NPP project and the amount against which NEK acquires ownership of this equipment is about 600 million euros.

In September 2016, the National Assembly passed a law about assistance for the payment of NEK's liabilities in accordance with the decision in this arbitration case.

In October 2016, in compliance with the requirements of this law, an agreement was signed between NEK and ACE for the final settlement of relations.

After the final settlement of these relations at the end of 2016, NEK acquired ownership of the manufactured equipment and began its phased delivery from March 2017.

By the end of 2017, all equipment for the two units of Belene NPP, manufactured by PJSC Izhorsky Zavodi, PJSC ZiO-Podolsk and JSC Atommashexport, has been delivered to Bulgaria:

  • WWER-1000 reactors, incl. equipment for the concrete shaft of the reactor

  • Steam generators PGV-1000 MK with their support equipment

  • Fully assembled pressurizers

  • Hydro-accumulators for ECCS with their support components

  • Main circulation pipelines

  • Hydro-accumulators for ECCS – second stage with their support components


The delivered equipment is stored on the site of Belene NPP in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer’s instructions.

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