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Manufactured equipment


Most of the equipment stored after the construction phase of Belene NPP until 1991 was purchased by ACE for use in other projects in Russia. In particular, the reactor vessel for Unit №1, manufactured by Skoda, after 16 years of storage at the Belene site, was transported to Russia and installed on the Unit 4 at the Kalinin NPP under construction at that time. The unit was put into operation in 2012.

After the signing of the agreement in November 2008, the production of the equipment for the two units under project A-92 started, with priority being given to:

  • two reactor vessels together with reactor internals;

  • two upper units for the reactors;

  • two pressurizers;

  • eight steam generators together with the primary circuit collectors;

  • two sets of main circulation loops pipelines;

  • eight water tanks from the reactor core emergency cooling system;

  • 16 vessels for passive cooling system of the reactor core.

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