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Secondary circuit


The dry saturated steam obtained in the steam generators is taken out of the protective containment and fed to the steam turbine of the unit, driving the main electric generator with a nominal electric power of 1000 MW.

The steam generated in the turbine condenses in the turbine condensers under deep vacuum, giving its heat to the circulating cooling water and is fed back to the steam generators through the steam turbine regeneration system in a closed cycle.

The circulating cooling water from the Danube River is fed into the turbine condensers through the combined pumping station of the plant. After the turbine condensers, this water returns to the river through a special channel. This open circuit circulating water scheme is analogous to the cooling system of Kozloduy NPP, which has proven its reliability over the years.

The technological process of the steam turbine unit is presented in more detail in the video below.

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